Maden Nasıl Oluşur?

How Is a Mine Formed?

Minerals are found in small amounts in the earth's crust. They are generally formed as a result of volcanic events. Of course this depends on the type of mine, there are other ways mines are formed. For example; The salty water deep in the earth's crust adds minerals, which are considered as minerals, to its structure. When this water hits the ocean floor, the mineral precipitates and the water separates. This is how a kind of mineral formation takes place.
For example, bentonite mine is generally formed as a result of devitrification due to chemical decomposition of volcanic ash and molds. Filtered clay is obtained by the combination of different clays found in nature and having plastic properties.
The kaolin mine has a similar story: Granite rocks underground contain the feldspar minerals. Hard granite rocks crumble and soften under the influence of the atmosphere and the heat of the underground lava. In this way, as a result of a long process, feldspar minerals turn into kaolin.
Quartz, which has been used in the treatment field since ancient times, consists of components of oxygen and silicon. Today, it is one of the leading stones of treatment quality.